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  1. Mint Green by Andrew Shapiro
  2. Happiness by Andrew Sood
  3. Downhill Rider by Dan Morrissey
  4. Private Eyes by Claudio Ottaviano
  5. Mellow D by John Bickerton
  6. Life Is Worth Living by Neil Cross
  7. Infinity by Ecosystem Digital
  8. Hallelujah Chorus by George Frideric Handel (KKV Classics)
  9. Secrets of the Universe by Valerio Giovine
  10. That's My Girl by Arts & Kraphts Galleries
  11. One More by GAP Trax
  12. Grand duo pour guitares by Franz Josef Haydn (KKV Classics)
  13. Daybreak by John Bickerton
  14. Night of Infinite Possibilities by Misha Segal
  15. Classic Film Noir by Misha Segal
  16. Plasticman by GAP Trax
  17. Blanket Me by Ecosystem Digital
  18. Ballistic by Dan Morrissey
  19. Airbox by Andrew Shapiro
  20. Red July by zirconMusic
  21. Bold Horizons by Cinematone
  22. Right On Time by Stern Muzik
  23. Ave Maria by Giulio Caccini
  24. Elijah - And then shall your light break forth (Chorus) (KKV Classics)
  25. Candy Land by Wajciech Panufnik
  26. Moon Over Maui by Rhythm Media
  27. Homeward Bound by Bill Naughton 


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