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Medieval, Gregorian Chant


Gregorian chant was traditionally sung by choirs of men and boys in churches, or by men and women of religious orders in their chapels. It is the music of the Roman Catholic Rite, performed in the Mass and the monastic Office. 

In the 20th century, with the advent of recordings, Gregorian Chant expanded in popularity gaining listeners beyond its traditional monastic/Roman Catholic core group.  

Chant became popular as soundtrack because of its mystical, ethereal, deeply spiritual emotional quality.  Hooded monks performing chant is now a common image in our culture. It's been used to highlight devotion, simplicity, solitude but also, as the image became more ingrained, for comedic purposes.   Gregorian Chant, or attempts to emulate it, has even been heard in TV ads.

Our Gregorian Chant recordings are from Germany and are performances recorded the Maulbronn Monastery. Maulbronn Monastery is the best-preserved medieval Cistercian monastery complex in Europe. It is situated on the outskirts of MaulbronnBaden-WürttembergGermany and is separated from the town by fortifications. In 1993 the monastery was made a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

buddhist-chant-stock-music.jpgChant is also a major part of devotional celebration in other religions.  UniqueTracks is very honored to be able to license a select number of Buddhist chant performances by monks from the Japanese ensemble Gjosan-rjú tendai Sómjó.  Like Gregorian Chant, Buddhist chant is also deeply spiritual in quality.  It has an earthly, timeless quality that speaks of deep piety.  To the Western ear, it may sound somewhat eerie, exotic or otherworldly.

These Buddhist chant performances were also recorded at Maulbronn Monastery.

Our recordings of religious chant have been divided into these categories.  
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