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Comedy, Kitsch, Quirky

These stock music themes that can be use as background music to create a comical or more subtle, tongue-in-cheek underscore.  It's a bit of a mixed bag of styles, we tried to select music that would suit a variety of projects, but the overriding factor is the music's ability to create a quirky, light sensibility.

Streaming audition files include an audio 'watermark' and are mono, 16 bit, 128kbps .mp3 files.
The actual Master files are delivered to you with no watermark as stereo .wav files in CD quality 44.1kHz, 16 bit format.
  • Night of Infinite Possibilities

  • Night of Infinite Possibilities (Ver 2)

  • Night of Infinite Possibilities (Ver 3)

  • Be Productive

  • Fun Times

  • Only You

  • That's My Girl

  • Scurry Scat

  • Elegant Waltz

  • Lotsa Love

  • Second Line Strut

  • Waiting For Viktor

  • 1920s Charleston Jazz

  • Chariots of Gold

  • Rocky Horror

  • Winter Nights With You

  • Swing Me Blues

  • Spanish Interlude

  • Movie Theme 1980s

  • Movie Theme 1970s

  • Dream Castle

  • Goodnight To All

  • Kind of Comical

  • Reminiscence

  • Spot Mystery

  • Big TV Show Theme

  • Summer Lovers Embrace

  • Magic Moments

  • Theme Classique

  • Goofy Intro-Transition