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Classical Stock Music

Classical Music Licensing
Our Classical Stock Music Library has grown to a collection of just over 800 tracks.  These recordings are available from this site to license and immediately download into your ad spot, film, video, podcast, mobile phone app or any media project.  We can license our recordings for any usage you have.

Choose from works by major composers like Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi.  We have sorted the library by prominant composer but also by specific era: The Medieval Period (Gregorian Chant), the Baroque Era (1600-1750), the Classical Era (1750-1820), and the Romantic Era (1820-1910).

All works are in the public domain.  This term "public domain" can sometimes cause confusion because, though the classical piece in question, for instance Handel's Messiah, is public domain, the rights to use the recording of the work are owned by UniqueTracks.  The copyright, what you are licensing, is for the performance, the specific recording, of the work.

What public domain means in regards to music is that you could assemble an orchestra of your own and record the Messiah and not have to pay any publisher for permission to record and issue the work.  The rights to the music (the sheet music) are public domain.  The rights to a specific recording of the work are copyrighted and have to be licensed.

The Classical Stock Music Library is sorted into these categories (many of the major Composer categories break down into further sub-categories): 

Streaming audition files include an audio 'watermark' and are mono, 16 bit, 128kbps .mp3 files.
The actual Master files are delivered to you with no watermark as stereo .wav files in CD quality 44.1kHz, 16 bit format.