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Student Filmmakers Use Vimeo to Hone Their Craft

I stumbled across a fantastic group on Vimeo the other day. It’s the Student Filmmaker’s Collective. This great group of young filmmakers is really serious about honing their craft, and they’re using a Vimeo group to foster their skill development.


Membership in this group is open, but if you intend to post videos, be forewarned. This group not only takes their filming seriously, they have the video toys to do some amazing things.

To date, there are 749 members of the Student Filmmaker’s Collective. They hail from all sorts of colleges and high schools from around the world. With 1700 videos uploaded to the group you get to view many unique filmmaking styles.


The creativity of this young group is absolutely riveting. I found their use of lighting, camera angles, and unique perspectives fresh and captivating.

Take, for instance, the video by Victor Suarez entitled Night Eyes. The entire film is shot at night and Suarez’s use of light within the dark is captivating. Even more impressive is all the effects were done with only the camera itself.

Contrast that video with Joshua Stocker’s The London Chroming Company Ltd. Toned down color schemes really reflect the historical value of the film.


The exciting thing about this group is it’s ability to carry on discussions in the forums. They share their production techniques, items of interest, comments on films.

Vimeo is the Cadillac of video sites. Film quality is beyond that of the “talking head” videos on YouTube and the quality of the comments falls right in line with this standard. Unlike YouTube, unconstructive and hurtful comments are absolutely not tolerated. These students are all about helping each other improve their craft. If a comment doesn’t accomplish that, it’s removed.

Up and Coming Filmmakers

It’s going to be interesting watching the careers of these young filmmakers. In the meantime, check out their work in the Student Filmmaker’s Collective.

The Creativity Portal

The Creativity Portal – another great site devoted to creativity. Provides a wealth of information on all facets of creative endeavor.

Topics include:
Being Creative
Business & Innovation
Dealing with Criticism
Increasing Creativity
Psychology of Creativity
Self-Care for Artists
Overcoming Creative Blocks
Creativity in Business
Creativity & Innovation
Living & Inspiration

See also Five Minute Muse Creativity for Busy People.

Creativity Block? – Get going with MindTools

MindTools – great site with a wealth of information on the creative process and problem solving.

There are articles outlining several creativity techniques – I responded most to a technique called SIMPLEX.

The Simplex Process is a powerful, sophisticated approach to innovation. It is suitable for projects and organizations of almost any scale.

The Process is an eight-stage cycle. Upon completion of the eight stages you start it again to find and solve another problem. This helps to ensure continuous improvement.

Stages in the process are:
Problem finding
Fact finding
Problem Definition
Idea Finding
Selection and Evaluation
Selling of the Idea

By moving through these stages you ensure that you solve the most significant problems with the best solutions available to you. This process can help you to be intensely creative.