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When royalty free music you’ve used in your YouTube video is flagged for copyright infringement…

UniqueTracks has recently received support calls from a few of our customers that have licensed music and then posted their video to YouTube only to have their video flagged for copyright infringement by YouTube’s automated Content ID system.

This seems to be affecting our classical music recordings primarily. Apparently the problem lies with multiple recordings of the same work. For instance, any recorded version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, will trigger a content infringement flag at YouTube because a single recording of the work has been claimed using YouTube’s Content ID system. There are thousands of recordings of this symphony.

YouTube has been ramping up efforts to take copyright infringement on its site seriously. However, its automated audio detection system does incorrectly flag recordings that have been legally licensed.

What should you do if your legally licensed music gets flagged by YouTube’s Content ID system?

  • Dispute the infringement claim. Go to your account on YouTube. Now go to your Video Manager section and click the video that has been flagged by YouTube for infringement. You dispute the claim by choosing the link “I believe this copyright claim is not valid”
  • At the prompt, check the the option that says, “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”.
  • Submit your response. During this process you will have a chance to write directly about your case and at that point you should say that you have legally purchased and licensed the music from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library. You can give your order number and purchase date.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not let third parties get involved in copyright infringement disputes. UniqueTracks cannot argue your case with YouTube. The video owner has to dispute the claim.

UniqueTracks support

To try to help you with your claim, we have created a private section on our site where, with your permission, we post your actual license as a pdf file. We create a direct link to your license with your full contact name, company name, video name and then the full text of the license. The license is then signed by our director, John Bickerton.

We encourage you to submit this link to YouTube with your dispute. The folks at YouTube only have to click the link and up pops your full license on our site (our URL) showing your purchase and legal rights to use the music.

So far, this has worked very well and no one that has come up against copyright infringement claims using UniqueTracks recordings has lost a dispute.

Contact us directly if you come up against this problem with YouTube. It mostly affects our classical music recordings.

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Six new Stock Music album releases

Our first releases for 2013 are out. So far we’ve released 6 albums (over 100 tracks). Styles focus on cinematic, big Hollywood action-adventure tracks as well as upbeat, happy moods targeted towards corporate, advertising and industrial projects.

Listen to Retro Groove & Disco

Hollywood Action Hero, Vol. 1 Hollywood Action Hero, Vol. 1 brings you the soundtrack style of the giant Hollywood mega-blockbuster movie. Thundering orchestral hits and bone-crushing sound effects power these majestic tracks. These tracks have been designed for use in feature length movies but also work well with pro sports, corporate branding and breaking news headlines. This is the sound of action adventure, of the Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman/Dark Knight, 007, Fast & Furious movie franchises.
Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks Hollywood Action Hero, Vol. 2 continues the powerful, thunderous soundtrack style featured in Volume One. The music is written in the big studio, Hollywood action adventure style. It’s loud, aggressive and supports suspense and thriller type subject matter. This volume is slanted slightly more toward the spy and detective film genres than the previous volume one.
Media, Broadcast & Advertising Inspiring, uplifting, and grand, majestic soundtracks are found on UniqueTracks’ Media, Broadcast & Advertising album. The album’s focus is broadcast news, advertising, sports programming, industrial film, product infomercials, really anywhere where a celebratory, exhilarating mood is needed. This collection is great for underscoring achievement, success, bold vision, and motivation. Great for TV production, CEO presentations, management strategy, new product releases and news segments.
Smooth Dreams Relaxing smooth jazz and upbeat new age textures create the sound of Smooth Dreams. From floating piano dreamscapes to mellow chill out grooves, the music here will give your production a modern, casual, carefree quality.
Action, Suspense, Horror, War Movie Soundtrack Kit The 48 themes included in the Action, Suspense, Horror, War Movie Soundtrack Kit will add a stream of rugged, forceful energy into your production. The full gamut of the action adventure/thriller genre is covered. There’s Hero music underscoring bravery and courage; there’s also brutal, chilling, eerie music emphasizing the evil of the villain The music creates tension and pulse and will give your production a strong, dramatic impact.

We call it a movie kit because complete main themes with fully orchestrated melodies are paired with shorter transition music that is good for bridging between scenes.

Dramatic, Modern Textures The 37 themes in the Dramatic Modern Textures collection provide you with a select kit of contemporary soundtracks and underscores. The music is emotional and dramatic conveying feelings of sadness, optimism, calm, wonder, fear, happiness, loneliness. Unique to this collection is a series of brief Interludes or bridges, each written in a different emotion, that you can use for introductions, scene transitions or outros.

Listen to Retro Groove & Disco

e-media promo shoot for Bedslide yields great results

Eric Wyatt and the video production creatives at e-media, in Ft. Myers Florida, recently produced a promo spot for Bedslide which featured some tracks from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library.

Bedslide makes a unique sliding ultility for loading and unloading trucks. Basically, it turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.

Eric told me recently

The marketing department [at Bedslide] wanted
to use something with a hard rock sound for music.
Thankfully we had your Speed Demons CD.

Here is the spot, shot for under $3000. Neat product.

Retro Groove & Disco
New Royalty Free Music by UniqueTracks

UniqueTracks has just released another album in its series of retro 60s/70s era production music soundtracks.

Retro Groove & Disco is in all ways old school. The rhythms, the arrangements, the instrumentation, even the recording techniques, all hark back to a period before digitization. Performances evoke the 1960s, 70s and 80s with a concentration on 1970s era soundtrack style – think of the Rocky soundtrack as a guide – lots of strings and brass played over solid funk grooves (“the Philadelphia sound”).

Retro Groove & Disco, Royalty Free Music from UniqueTracks
Listen to Retro Groove & Disco

The album also visits jazz styles including acoustic music and “jazz fusion” – a mix of jazz and funk elements with electronic instruments. If you remember the music of Chuck Mangione (trumpet) and Herb Alpert, you’ll recognize some of the other instrumental music here, it combines mellow trumpet playing over what are basically disco beats.

All in all, this is a unique and varied album that truly is something new to the royalty free music space.

Retro TV Show Themes – Royalty Free Music

UniqueTracks has added another in our series of retro sounding soundtracks from the 70s and 80s. This album features TV show themes written in a big, orchestral style by Emmy Award winning composer Misha Segal.

Retro TV Show Themes
Listen to Retro Groove & Disco

With over 40 individual themes, Retro TV Show Themes is packed with music. These tracks are all written in the TV production styles of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. There is music in the style of classic 1970s TV movie dramas like Dallas and Dynasty, game show themes, chat show intros, family TV-sitcom themes and music for informercial use.

There is also plenty of music for broadcast news and political show productions. All of the music is upbeat including several tracks written in the style of the grand orchestral fanfares used at the Academy and Emmy Awards presentations. Much of the music is perfect for Corporate productions and there is also a good bit of patriotic music for American Independence Day, July 4th celebrations or for any traditionally American projects.

Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks
New Royalty Free Music Album from UniqueTracks

UniqueTracks has just released a new album of soundtracks written in the style of the grand Hollywood films of the past. This album was composed by Emmy Award winning film composer Misha Segal.

Included in this set are grand orchestral fanfares, underscores for suspense thrillers, film noir themes, a good helping of early Dixieland jazz, action adventure and cowboy western scores, spy movie themes and romantic comedy cues, all performed in a retro orchestral style from Hollywood’s glorious past.

Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks
Listen to Retro Groove & Disco

Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks is a collection of film scores that captures the Hollywood of bygone eras from pre-war black-and-white movies up to the movies of the 1970s.

Imported from Detroit – Chrysler 200 Super Bowl commercial

I thought the hands-down best commercial during this year’s Super Bowl was the 2-minute ad for the Chrysler 200 featuring Eminem. Brilliantly written and produced with a pitch-perfect narration by voice-over artist and Michigan resident Kevin Yon, the commercial shows downtown Detroit in all its glory as Eminem slowly drives the new Chyrsler 200 through the Motor City.

The soundtrack begins with ominous low electronic rumblings and sound effects. Then, at about the 40 second mark, the instantly recognizable guitar-riff from Enimen’s song "Lose Yourself" (from the 8 Mile album) is layered on top. Finally, the addition of a gospel choir at the commercial’s high-point adds a sense of triumph to mix. It’s a brilliantly constructed soundtrack.

Camera shots create a poetic montage inter-cutting Detroit’s gritty industrial landscape, with American flags, modern factories, boarded up buildings and Diego Rivera’s mural of factory laborers (from the Detroit Institue of the Arts). Shots of snow falling on downtown buildings add to the creation of a tough, resolute image. We end up at Detroit’s historic Fox Theatre. The marquis out front reads “Keep Detroit Beautiful” Inside, Enimen takes the stage in front of the gospel choir and confidently utters these words, “This is the Motor City and this is what we do”.

All of the elements; the voice-over performance, the text, the soundtrack, the camera work, Eminem’s passion, work toward a climatic celebration of Detroit. It gave me chills the first time I saw it.

Known as the Motor City, Detroit was built on manufacturing and as manufacturing has left the US economy, outsourced to other nations with cheaper labor costs, Detroit, like a lot of smaller manufacturing towns, has suffered. Suffered greatly. Must the American economy be so bereft of manufacturing? Are we right to just cede this important segment to emerging nations with cheaper labor costs?

The "Imported from Detroit" ad reminded me of a video produced last year by filmmaker Scott Smith. Scott’s company, River Run Productions, created a film for the trade organization Opportunity2 called Advanced Manufacturing in Southern Iowa. Scott used UniqueTracks’ music as underscore for this 9 minute industrial film.

The film shows one way manufacturing can exist in the American economy. Actually the advanced manufacturing, using robotics, laser optics and other high-end technologies shown in this film, are probably best done in America. The idea of factory work being associated with dimly lit, dirty, over-crowded spaces is not the reality in these high-tech manufacturing plants.

Scott adds, "Iowa is known for its farming, but in Southeast Iowa, where we shot the video, 30% of the jobs are in advanced manufacturing. I didn’t even really know what advanced manufacturing was before I produced this video. I learned that everywhere you go you are surrounded by the results of advanced manufacturing. And once I realized that advanced manufacturing involved welding and robotics I knew I’d have some cool visuals to play with. Then we began looking for stories that would be of interest to the intended audience of middle school and high school students. And because of that young audience and the interesting visuals we wanted to find some high energy music that would help drive the video.

Note: Scott used primarily rock music from UnqiueTracks albums Speed Demons and Modern Rock.

I grew up, on the other side of the Detroit River, across from Detroit, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Both cities are manufacturing towns whose economies are linked to the making of cars. By the mid-1970s, when the automobile industry first bottomed out, almost everyone I grew up with in Windsor had left the city. As a boy, I watched from across the river as Detroit burned as fires swept the city during the riot of 1967. In a way, this event seems to be the flashpoint from which Detroit never fully recovered.

The "Imported from Detroit" ad succeeds in attempting to show the human side of a city that has, as the ad says, “been to hell and back”.

I am grateful to Scott Smith for his contributions to this article. Scott W. Smith is an old film school grad who after living in Miami, Los Angeles, and Orlandio ended up in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2003. He and his company, River Run Productions, have worked on a variety of projects over the years including commercials, web videos, promotional DVDs, short films and documentaries. They’ve also provided camera support and field producing for various groups including the national TV programs The Montel Williams Show and The Doctors. In February, Scott added two Addy Awards to his shelf full of hardware that also includes two Regional Emmy Awards.

I enjoy reading Scott’s blog articles on his site Screenwriting from Iowa

This is what said about the blog last year: "For a more off-beat look at writing, the Screenwriting from Iowa blog provides screenwriters with a slightly removed take from the Hollywood norm. Scott Smith blogs about how people outside of Los Angeles can have their stories told and sold for production in TinselTown. It’s inspiring for those of us around the world who aspire to Hollywood magic without having to live in Hollywood itself."

I thought the text to the "Imported from Detroit" ad was incrediblly well-written. I could not find out who wrote the copy but this text and it’s delivery by Mr Yon really pack a punch.

Here is the full text of the ad
I ‘ve got a question for you. What does this city know about luxury? What does a town that’s been to hell and back know about the finer things in life? Well I’ll tell you. More than most. You see it’s the hottest fires that make the hottest steel. Add hard work, conviction, and a know-how that runs generations deep in every last one of us. That’s who we are. That’s our story. Now it’s probably not the one you’ve been reading in the papers. The one being written by folks who’ve never even been here and don’t know what we’re capable of. Because when it comes to luxury, it’s as much about where it’s from as who it’s for. Now we’re from America. But this isn’t New York City, or the Windy City, nor Sin City and we’re certainly no one’s Emerald City.

This is the motor city. And this is what we do.
The Chrysler 200 has arrived
Imported from Detroit.

Music mentioned in this article:

Speed Demons Speed Demons V2
Speed Demons, Vol. 1 Speed Demons, Vol. 2
Modern Rock V1 Modern Rock V2
Modern Rock, Vol. 1 Modern Rock, Vol. 2

New Blastwave FX collections royalty free at UniqueTracks

Blastwave FX at UniqueTracks Inc.
UniqueTracks has added four brand new Sound Effects Libraries from Blastwave FX to our growing collection of royalty free Sound Effects products.

Podcaster – Sound Effects for Podcasting
Podcaster has everything you need to produce a professional podcast. Add music or just a beat loop to your intro and immediately give a focus to the theme of your show. With over 500 sound effects (Animals, Cartoon Effects, Crashes, Human Effects, Vehicles, Weapons and more), this set will let you underscore the humerous, contentious and exciting moments of your podcast.

WebTones – Sound Effects for Flash and Web Site Production
If you design and create professional Flash productions or web sites, then you will want to add this large assortment of multimedia sounds to your production toolbox. The WebTones collection features 1000 unique buttons, clicks, rollovers, pings, beeps, hits and production elements that can easily be plugged into your next production. This collection will provide you with the tools you need to add sonic life to your virtual creations.

Spoilers – Movie Trailer Cinematic Sound Effects
If you’ve ever wondered where to find those great sonic effects that Hollywood post production editors lay into movies, trailers and commercials, look no further. This incredible set by Blastwave FX will amp-up your production with the latest, most modern audio effects available on the royalty free market. This collection, on 4 DVDs, has 300 stereo movie trailers and compositions with matching 5.1 surround files, plus 200 high impact stereo imaging elements.

Drones – Hollywood-style Sound Effects
Using long, sustained, audio drone effects is one of the most effective ways of using sound to build drama and interest in a media production. The material contained in the 4 DVD set Drones by Blastwave FX is specially made to give your production a professional, Hollywood-caliber sheen. In total, this collection has over 10 hours of unique sound effects in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.

Blastwave FX develops next-generation HD sound effects libraries for professional audio production. Their design and engineering team constantly pushes the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows.

UniqueTracks welcomes Blastwave FX into our royalty free music library

Royalty Free Horror Music


How to Create Background Music For the Horror Film Genre

The most effective and frightening example of background music I can think of is from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho. Famed soundtrack composer, Bernard Herrmann, created a chilling effect using piercing and screeching violins played in their highest registers. As the film progresses, when you hear that sound cue repeated, you know something really bad is going to happen. Another famous cue that works in a similar way is the 3-note phrase in the low string orchestra that announces the presence of the killer shark in the first Jaws film.

Soundtrack moments like the one in Psycho are great for portraying outright evil and horror but underscoring the feeling of fear can be done in subtler ways too.

Ordinary Actions become Extraordinary
Sometimes the background music notifies the audience that what they are seeing has a darker meaning. The movie Michael Clayton does this a lot. The on-screen events are quite ordinary – a women is getting dressed for work – yet she is accompanied by a chilling soundtrack.

The music acts against the scene, contrary to it. It is telling us that these events are not ordinary and have importance beyond their outright appearance. In fact, the background music is telling us that these normal events are somehow scary. Something terrible is going to happen.

The Audience Knows a Secret
Sometimes the audience is let in on a secret, maybe a dark secret, that the central characters in the story don’t yet know about. You watch as events unfold and you see them getting further and further into trouble. Here again, a dark or suspenseful underscore can work wonders by building the tension against what is happening on screen.

The Inner Struggle
Lets say, in your story, your main character, a salesman, is boarding an airplane but we in the audience already know he has a terrible fear of flying. The flight attendants are welcoming families and other travelers on board the plane. The airplane cabin is filled with rather innocuous, but pleasant background music. Then we cut to the main character boarding the plane. Now the music changes to full-on frightening, horror soundtrack. The music portrays his inner psychology – his feelings of fear.

News Event/World Crisis
If you create documentaries or news programming, then you may need, at times, to show painful footage from current world events. This is another time where dark underscore works well. It sets the underlying emotional atmosphere for the accompanying footage.

Part of every media producer’s soundtrack arsenal includes the ability to underscore fright, fear, and events that are difficult or harrowing. Horror music tracks are like the dark colors, the dark shades in your soundtrack toolkit. Using them paints a chilly or terrifying picture.