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B Minor Mass

benedictus-bwv232.jpgBach's Mass in B minor is widely regarded as one of the supreme achievements of classical music. 

Scholars have suggested that the Mass in B minor belongs in the same category as The Art of Fugue, as a summation of Bach's deep lifelong involvement with musical tradition—in this case, with choral settings and theology. Bach scholar Christoph Wolff describes the work as representing "a summary of his writing for voice, not only in its variety of styles, compositional devices, and range of sonorities, but also in its high level of technical polish ... Bach's mighty setting preserved the musical and artistic creed of its creator for posterity."

Even though it had never been performed, its importance was appreciated by some of Bach's greatest successors—by the beginning of the 19th century Forkel and Haydn possessed copies, and Beethoven made two attempts to acquire a score.

The Mass consists of 27 sections and is divided into four main parts:

I. Kyrie & Gloria
II. Credo
III. Sanctus
IV. Osanna, Benedictus, Agnus Dei and Dona Nobis Pacem

The Mass is written for vocal soloists (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), full chorus and orchestra.  The orchestra consists of for two flutes, two oboes d'amore, one natural horn (in D), three trumpets (in D), timpani, violins I and II, violas and basso continuo (cellos, basses, bassoons, organ and harpsichord).

The UniqueTracks Stock Music Library is able to license these recordings for many different media uses.  You can configure your license right here on this website by choosing your usage type from the drop-down box when you click the "License/Buy this Track" link.

Streaming audition files include an audio 'watermark' and are mono, 16 bit, 128kbps .mp3 files.
The actual Master files are delivered to you with no watermark as stereo .wav files in CD quality 44.1kHz, 16 bit format.
  • Kyrie Eleison (1), Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Christe Eleison, Mass in B Minor (Duet)

  • Kyrie Eleison (2), Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Gloria In Excelsis, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Et In Terra Pax, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Laudamus Te, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Gratias Agimus Tibi, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Domine Deus, Mass in B Minor (Duet)

  • Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Qui Sedes Ad Dextram Patris, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Cum Sancto Spiritu, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Credo In Unum Deum (1), Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Credo In Unum Deum (2), Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Et In Unum Dominum, Mass in B Minor (Duet)

  • Et Incarnatus Est, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Crucifixus, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Et Resurrexit, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Et In Spiritum Sanctum, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Confiteor Unum Baptisma, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Et Exspecto Resurrectionem, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Sanctus, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Osanna In Excelsis (1) Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Benedictus, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Osanna In Excelsis (2) Mass in B Minor (Chorus)

  • Agnus Dei, Mass in B Minor (Aria)

  • Dona Nobis Pacem, Mass in B Minor (Chorus)